Fragrance Lamp Oil 32 oz.

Fragrance Lamp Oil 32 oz. Image

Our fragrance lamp oil is manufactured with the highest quality fragrance oil available and is suitable for use in any catalytic style fragrance lamp or effusion lamp, including those manufactured by La-Tee-Da, Alexandria, Lampe Avenue, Scentier, Redolere, etc. (yes, even the French ones that they won't let us mention here). Tired of spending a fortune to enjoy quality lamp fragrance? You've come to the right place. And our scent selection is unbelievable - more than 380 and growing.

We offer our fragrance lamp oil in two blends:

◦Standard - Strong scent throw without being overwhelming.
◦Extra Strong - Very strong scent throw or for large open areas. May increase wick clogging due to the high fragrance oil content.

Scent Descriptions

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